An invigorating blend of winter warmth and festive joy, reminiscent of the comforting embrace of the Yule Sprite and the enchantment of the winter forest.

Orange | Cinnamon | Clove

Infused with the essence of the Yule Nature Sprite

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Yule is a time of festivity and heartwarming traditions, celebrated as the longest night gives way to the returning light. It's a moment to cherish the bonds of family and friends, and the story of the Yule Nature Sprite encapsulates this spirit perfectly, as it brings blessings of prosperity, health, and joy.

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Nature's Alchemy:
The Seasonal Symphony


Sweet and uplifting, Orange radiates joy and positivity. It's known for its ability to revitalize the senses, summoning images of bright winter festivities amidst the snow.


Spicy and warming, Cinnamon stirs memories of festive treats and cozy evenings. Its invigorating aroma is both stimulating and comforting, perfect for the heart of winter.


Deep and aromatic, Clove brings forth feelings of warmth and tradition. Its essence envelops the surroundings in a familiar and protective embrace, reminiscent of cherished Yuletide memories.

Blend Benefits

In the heart of winter, when snow blankets the earth and the world hushes, the Yule fragrance shines like a beacon of warmth and celebration. Combining the spirited joy of Orange with the traditional warmth of Cinnamon and Clove, this blend evokes the merriment and wonder of the season. Just as the Yule Nature Sprite dances and spreads joy amongst snow-laden branches and frosted windows, this fragrance brings the sprite's festive cheer into your space. It's a scent that captures the very essence of Yule: joy, togetherness, and the magic of winter's beauty. As you kindle this fragrance, imagine the sprite's jolly presence, celebrating the return of the sun and the promise of brighter days ahead. Let the spirit of Yule fill your heart and home, wrapping you in its comforting and joyful embrace.

  • Holiday Celebrations

    Enhance your festive gatherings with the heartwarming essence of Yule, reminiscent of winter's tranquil beauty.

  • Cozy Evenings

    On chilly winter nights, let the Yule fragrance warm your soul and home, invoking the sprite's jolly presence.

  • Reflective Mornings

    As dawn breaks, let the Yule fragrance accompany your moments of reflection, cherishing past memories and future hopes.

  • Gift of Joy

    Share the blessings of the Yule Nature Sprite by gifting this fragrance to someone special, brightening their winter days.

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As the allure of Yule envelops you, allow another winter tale to draw you closer to the heart of the season. Dive into the realm of the Candlemas Nature Sprite: a guardian amidst alpine glens and glistening icicles.

Let the scents of Cypress, Juniper, Lemon, Ylang Ylang, and Bergamot transport you deeper into the wintry woods, where nature slumbers and only the bravest flowers dare to bloom. Experience the magic of two seasonal fragrances and let their stories intertwine in your home.

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We're not just nature enthusiasts; we're stewards of the earth. From the moment we discovered our Nature Sprites in their hidden forest realm, we've been dedicated to preserving the environment that they call home.

Our energy source is as green as the leaves on the trees, and all our packaging is crafted with the utmost care for the planet. We're on a sprite-inspired mission to reduce our carbon footprint and protect the natural world that inspires us.

Join us in this magical journey towards a greener, kinder world.

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Rest easy, nature lovers! Our payment system is as secure as a nature sprite's secret hideaway. We understand that sharing your payment details online can be a bit mysterious.

That's why we've conjured up a trusted payment gateway, protected by the very essence of our mischievous Nature Sprites. With their playful spirit watching over your transactions, you can shop with the confidence that your data is as safe as a nature sprite nestled in its forest nook.

So, go ahead and let the enchantment of secure shopping begin!

Magical Delivery

Our Nature Sprites love to travel, and they embark on their journey to you via our trusty local Post Office. By choosing them as our delivery partners, we're not only supporting our cherished local community but also ensuring that your enchanted companions arrive safely and soundly.

Plus, for orders over £60, we're waving our magical wand, carved from the prosperous rowan tree. This enchantment brings you free delivery, so whether it's a single sprite or a host of nature-inspired treasures, they'll arrive at your doorstep, sprinkling joy and enchantment as they go.

Nurturing Nature, One Tree At A Time

At Langtree Botanics, we're not just about delightful products; we're committed to giving back to nature in a big way. With every order, we don't just plant a tree; we embrace the roots of change and sow the seeds of a brighter, greener world.

Through our partnership with Tree-Nation, your purchase nurtures the earth, fostering the growth of forests and celebrating the cyclical harmony of the seasons. It's our way of ensuring that the enchantment of our Nature Sprite creations extends far beyond your home, into the heart of nature itself.

So, every time you light one of our candles or lather up with our soaps, know that you're actively nurturing the very nature that inspires us, one tree at a time.

Recyclable Packaging

Our packaging isn't just packaging; it's a promise to Mother Earth. We take pride in crafting eco-conscious, recyclable packaging that leaves a light footprint on the environment.

From the moment your Nature Sprite products are nestled inside our thoughtful packaging to the time you recycle it, you're participating in a cycle of sustainability. Because we believe that every step, no matter how small, counts in preserving the enchanting world we all share.