Delight in a bouquet where the exotic notes of jasmine blend seamlessly with the deep earthiness of patchouli. The sweet, woody undertones of rosewood provide the perfect finishing touch, creating a fragrance that embodies the tender warmth of late summer evenings.

Patchouli | Jasmine | Rosewood

Infused with the essence of the Lunasa Nature Sprite

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A closeup of the Wheel of the year focussing on the celebrations of Lughnasadh


Lughnasadh (Lunasa), also known as Lammas, heralds the beginning of the harvest season. It's a time to celebrate the first fruits of summer and to show gratitude for the bounties of nature. Aligned with the Lunasa Nature Sprite, this season is a gentle reminder of life's interconnectedness, the beauty of the natural world, and the importance of love and kindness.

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Nature's Alchemy:
The Seasonal Symphony


Deep and earthy, Patchouli carries with it tales of ancient lands. Its grounding presence is a gentle reminder of the embrace of twilight, when the warmth of summer meets the first hints of the approaching autumn. Just like the Lunasa Nature Sprite, it's a bridge between seasons, symbolising the passage of time and the beauty of change.


Exquisite and intoxicating, Jasmine is the heart of the night, blooming under the silvery glow of the moon. Its ethereal scent captures the sprite's radiant presence, illuminating the sun-kissed meadows and evoking the gentle embrace of late summer evenings.


Delicate yet robust, Rosewood infuses the blend with a sense of wisdom and longevity. It mirrors the unwavering empathy and warmth in the eyes of the Lunasa Nature Sprite, fostering connection and unity.

Blend Benefits

As the golden hues of summer start to blend with the deeper tones of the approaching fall, the Lunasa fragrance emerges, telling tales of the enchanting Lunasa Nature Sprite. Patchouli's grounding aura melds beautifully with the ethereal beauty of Jasmine, embodying the spirit of late summer. Rosewood adds layers of depth and understanding, much like the compassionate gaze of the sprite. Ignite this fragrance and be transported to sun-drenched meadows, where the Lunasa Sprite dances with grace, spreading love and kindness. As the scent fills the air, allow it to remind you of the beauty of transition, the importance of compassion, and the interconnected magic of the natural world. Join in the celebration of this season, letting the sprite's essence inspire acts of love, understanding, and unity.

  • Twilight Serenity

    As day transitions to night, light the Lunasa candle and let jasmine's delicate aroma bring forth the sprite's gentle embrace.

  • Heartfelt Gatherings

    In moments shared with loved ones, the blend of patchouli and rosewood sets the scene, fostering understanding and warmth.

  • Acts of Kindness

    Channel the sprite's energy when performing or receiving acts of kindness, letting the fragrance be a reminder of the interconnected beauty of life.

  • Gift of Compassion

    Extend the Lunasa sprite’s aura of love and understanding by gifting its fragrance to those who might need a touch of solace.

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