Our Journey: From Folklore to Fragrance

In the heart of a mystical garden, where folklore whispers through the rustling leaves and sprites play in the moonlit shadows, the story of Langtree Botanics blossomed.

A woman gracefully stands behind a table adorned with candles and various decorative items

Laura, enchanted by ancient tales and the rhythms of nature, intertwines her love for traditional folklore, her nurturing touch in her garden, and the companionship of her beloved cat, Ebenezer, into each aromatic candle. Every hand-poured creation captures a glimpse of a cherished narrative, offering a fragrant escape into the fabled worlds she adores.

Dave, with a penchant for the macabre and the extraordinary, draws from his cinematic experiences, seamlessly blending the world of fantasy and horror into Langtree Botanics. His skilled hands breathe life into the spritely figures, meticulously capturing their likeness. Each sprite strikes a chord between the whimsical and the mysterious, a testament to Dave's diverse and rich creative pursuits.

Join us on this magical journey, where the lines between the ordinary and the mystical blur.
Be a part of our story, let the enchantment of nature's whispers fill your world, and embrace the super natural.