Breathe in the Magic

A Touch of Solstice Magic

As the longest day of the year approaches, welcome the perfect balance of light and dark into your life.

Our Solstice Nature Sprite Spell Candle is infused with the magic of the summer solstice, a time of celebration and renewal.

Each Solstice candle comes with a specially crafted "Spell to Bring Light and Brightness" designed to help you harness the sun’s energy during Litha. 

As the flame flickers, use this mindful moment to find peace and welcome the extended daylight hours.

Solstice Nature Sprite Spell Candles

Indulge in Self-Care Rituals

As summer unfolds, take time to rebalance and rejuvenate yourself, much like nature does.

Embrace the Outdoors

Go for a nature walk, breathe in the fresh air, and listen to the symphony of birdsong. Immerse yourself in nature's beauty and reconnect with your inner peace.

Practice Nature-Sprite Seeking

Keep your eyes peeled for the delicate signs of the Nature Sprites' presence – a vibrant wildflower, a perfectly placed feather, or a fleeting glimpse of movement. Allow yourself to be playful and open to the magic that surrounds you.

Harness the Power of Plants

Light a Langtree candle or use our wax melts to fill your home with the calming scents of nature.

Let's Grow Together

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