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Lunasa Infant Nature Sprite Candle

Lunasa Infant Nature Sprite Candle

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Embrace the Magic! Just 3 left in stock!

Step into the enchanting season of Lunasa, where late summer's warmth merges with the twilight's embrace. In the heart of this magical realm resides the Lunasa Nature Sprite, an ethereal being of breathtaking beauty, love, and kindness.

Our Lunasa Infant Nature Sprite Candle captures the essence of this radiant sprite. Each sprite arrives nestled in an eco-friendly nest, a symbol of our commitment to sustainability. Unveil your sprite from its nest to discover a scroll bearing a special spell—a portal to the sprite's world of love and compassion.

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Unlock the spirit of Lunasa and ignite your heart with kindness using the included spell. If you choose not to light them, these enchanting beings become guardians of love, watching over you with their magnetic aura of empathy and warmth.

But remember, just like the elusive sprite in the wild, our batches are small and sought-after. Catch your moment of Lunasa magic before it vanishes into the fields!
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Nature Sprite Secrets

Shh... The Enchanted Forest Shares Its Secret Only with Those Who Listen!

When you are next in the depths of the forest, take a moment and listen carefully; you may just catch the playful chatter of tiny enchanted voices...

Be still and attentive, barely daring to breathe, and the luckiest amongst us may just get a glimpse of the nature sprites frolicking joyfully amongst the foliage. These ethereal nature sprites thrive in harmony with nature, taking good care of the land, mountains, rivers and oceans.

Quite where the physicality of nature ends and the mystical nature sprite begins, nobody is certain, but we know that they carry with them the ancient wisdom of living in harmony with the natural world and living in a cruelty free world.

The Nature Sprites have generously gifted us their precious essence to use in our candles as a symbol of our commitment to their wellbeing and the preservation of their natural habitat.

Together we will cherish their presence and strive to maintain a harmonious relationship with these enchanting creatures.

Made With Magic

Handcrafted Tales from Enchanted Forests

Embark on a mysterious journey with a magical Nature Sprite Candle

✨ Crafted with Love:

Like a tale whispered in the moonlit forest, our nature sprite candles are crafted with love and a touch of enchantment. Each one holds the secrets of the magical realm. Each one is a unique work of art.

🌙 Enigmatic Glow:

When lit, these pillars cast an enigmatic glow, illuminating a dance of shadows that tell ancient tales. The flickering flame becomes a guide to the unseen world.

🌿 Vegan & Sustainable

Our Nature Sprite Candles are crafted using vegan, high-quality, and sustainable ingredients. We source natural colourings from seeds, clays, and herbs to infuse each candle with captivating energy

🌿 Wild Nature Sprite Essence

Imbued with the hushed whispers of the Nature Sprite, these candles carry the essence of wild encounters. The mystery of the forest is captured within, ready to reveal itself as the wax surrenders.

🍃 Sustainable Sorcery

Crafted with sustainable ingredients, these pillars are a beacon of eco-friendly sorcery. Let the magic of nature merge with your space, creating an ambiance that transcends the ordinary.

Indulge in the mystery of the Nature Sprites and let the enchantment unfold in your space


Crafted with pure essential oils, our candles infuse your space with nature's unique symphony.

🕯️ Rapeseed and Coconut Wax Blend: Provides a clean, eco-friendly burn.

🍃 Patchouli: Grounds you in the warmth of Lunasa's embrace.

🌸 Jasmine: Evokes the twilight's gentle caress.

🌿 Rosewood: Guards your space with the aura of love.

Each flicker unveils nature's true essence, inviting serenity into your space.

Further Information

More about our products

Burn Time: 1hr - A dedicated moment to reconnect with nature, recenter your soul, and enhance well-being through our guiding spell.

Wick: Nature pure cotton

Approx. Weight: 57g

Crafted: Handpoured in Buckinghamshire

Allergens: Contains Linalool, Eucalyptol, Geraniol, Limonene, alpha-Pinenes, beta-Caryophyllene, beta-Pinenes

Certified by The Vegan Society

Candle Care Ritual

To ensure the safest and most enchanting experience with your Infant Nature Sprite Candle, let us guide you through this magical dance:

🕯️ Steadfast Stage:

Find a stable, heat-resistant surface or a decorative plate for your Nature Sprite to rest upon. They love to dance safely!

🔥 Flame's Folly:

Keep your spirited sprite away from anything flammable. They bring warmth, but they're not fond of sudden surprises.

🧚‍♂️ Childlike Wonder:

Our sprites are friendly, but it's wise to keep them out of reach of curious children and playful pets.

✂️ Trim the Wick:

Before each performance, trim the wick to a dainty 5mm. This prevents dramatic flares and sooty spectacles.

🚫 Never Alone:

A burning sprite enjoys company. Never leave them alone in their fiery performance; they might get carried away.

🙅 No Mid-dance Twirls:

Avoid moving or touching the sprite while their wax is still hot. Even sprites need a bit of cooling down.

May your Lunasa Nature Sprite Candle's dance be safe and delightful, enchanting your space with magic! 🌿🕯️✨

Powered by Nature

🌿 Harmony with Nature

Just like the Nature Sprites find joy in dancing through the woods, we're in tune with nature's rhythms. Our eco-conscious practices ensure our products are kind to both your skin and the environment.

🌳 Packaging That Cares

Our recyclable packaging is more than just boxes; it's our commitment to a sustainable future. Just as the Nature Sprite protects its forest home, we protect the Earth with each recyclable package.

☀️ Nature-Powered Energy

Like the Nature Sprites who draw energy from the natural world, we power our operations with green energy sources. It's our way of preserving the enchanting realms we share with these mystical beings.

🌱 Vegan & Cruelty-Free

Just as the Nature Sprites live in harmony with all creatures, we embrace a vegan and cruelty-free ethos. Our products, like the sprites themselves, are free from harm to animals and filled with the essence of compassion.

At Langtree Botanics, we believe that every choice we make can be a step toward a greener, kinder world, just as every dance of the Nature Sprite is a celebration of nature's beauty. Join us on this enchanting journey! 🌿

Read more about our sustainability values below

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A Seasonal Symphony


Deep and earthy, Patchouli carries with it tales of ancient lands. Its grounding presence is a gentle reminder of the embrace of twilight, when the warmth of summer meets the first hints of the approaching autumn. Just like the Lunasa Nature Sprite, it's a bridge between seasons, symbolising the passage of time and the beauty of change.


Exquisite and intoxicating, Jasmine is the heart of the night, blooming under the silvery glow of the moon. Its ethereal scent captures the sprite's radiant presence, illuminating the sun-kissed meadows and evoking the gentle embrace of late summer evenings.


Delicate yet robust, Rosewood infuses the blend with a sense of wisdom and longevity. It mirrors the unwavering empathy and warmth in the eyes of the Lunasa Nature Sprite, fostering connection and unity.

What's the Essence of Langtree Botanics?

Life isn't only about grand adventures; it's also about the quiet moments in between. Imagine if those moments were touched by magic? 

Our handcrafted collection, infused with the essence of nature sprites, bridges the gap between the tangible and the transcendent. 

We provide more than mere scented products; we offer gateways to realms of wonder and tranquility. 

Ignite a candle on a cozy rainy evening, allow our fragrances to transport you on a woodland voyage, or transform a modest gathering into a moment plucked from folklore. 

Dive into the harmonious fusion of self-care and the timeless tales we hold dear. With our creations, it's not merely about what you use, but the narratives you immerse yourself in.

Authentic Sprite Lore
Unlock the secrets and tales of the sprites, capturing the enchantment of every season
Vegan Friendly
Harnessing the power of plants, our products provide natural and potent benefits, free from animal byproducts
Made with Magic
Infused with the magic of Nature Sprites, each product carries a one-of-a-kind mystical aura
Nature's Gateway
Summon the sprit of nature into your sanctuary, intertwining worlds to enhcance your well-being

Want to know more?

Our Sprite Pledge

Responsbile Packaging

Our packaging isn't just packaging; it's a promise to Mother Earth. We take pride in crafting eco-conscious, recyclable packaging that leaves a light footprint on the environment.

From the moment your Nature Sprite products are nestled inside our thoughtful packaging to the time you recycle it, you're participating in a cycle of sustainability. Because we believe that every step, no matter how small, counts in preserving the enchanting world we all share.

Sprite-Approved Secure Payment

Rest easy, nature lovers! Our payment system is as secure as a nature sprite's secret hideaway. We understand that sharing your payment details online can be a bit mysterious.

That's why we've conjured up a trusted payment gateway, protected by the very essence of our mischievous Nature Sprites. With their playful spirit watching over your transactions, you can shop with the confidence that your data is as safe as a nature sprite nestled in its forest nook.

So, go ahead and let the enchantment of secure shopping begin!

Sprite Sustainability

We're not just nature enthusiasts; we're stewards of the earth. From the moment we discovered our Nature Sprites in their hidden forest realm, we've been dedicated to preserving the environment that they call home.

Our energy source is as green as the leaves on the trees, and all our packaging is crafted with the utmost care for the planet. We're on a sprite-inspired mission to reduce our carbon footprint and protect the natural world that inspires us.

Join us in this magical journey towards a greener, kinder world.

Nurturing Nature, One Tree At A Time

At Langtree Botanics, we're not just about delightful products; we're committed to giving back to nature in a big way. With every order, we don't just plant a tree; we embrace the roots of change and sow the seeds of a brighter, greener world.

Through our partnership with Tree-Nation, your purchase nurtures the earth, fostering the growth of forests and celebrating the cyclical harmony of the seasons. It's our way of ensuring that the enchantment of our Nature Sprite creations extends far beyond your home, into the heart of nature itself.

So, every time you light one of our candles or lather up with our soaps, know that you're actively nurturing the very nature that inspires us, one tree at a time.

Magical Delivery

Our Nature Sprites love to travel, and they embark on their journey to you via our trusty local Post Office. By choosing them as our delivery partners, we're not only supporting our cherished local community but also ensuring that your enchanted companions arrive safely and soundly.

Plus, for orders over £60, we're waving our magical wand, carved from the prosperous rowan tree. This enchantment brings you free delivery, so whether it's a single sprite or a host of nature-inspired treasures, they'll arrive at your doorstep, sprinkling joy and enchantment as they go.